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Staymag™ Staymag™

Staymag™ is the original and only USA made, true 150 ºC rated, adhesive-backed magnet sheet for your 3D printer's heatbed. Our magnet material also offers the strongest magnetic pull strength while being thinner than competitors.

Because Staymag is thinner, this enables you to get up to printing temperatures faster! It also saves weight for printers that have a moving heatbed.

What's the story? Staymag was originally developed to be continuously submerged in hot oil sumps to attract fine particles of metal to protect sensitive equipment from damage.

Don't be misled by competitors who falsely advertise over 70 ºC without providing a datasheet!

Staymag is the ideal choice to hold your flex plate down across its entire surface area without worrying about long-term temperature degradation. Because Staymag is adhered to the entire surface of your heatbed, you get the most uniform pulling force compared to heatbeds with embedded magnets.

Backed with genuine 3M acrylic adhesive.

~0.85mm thick, including adhesive.

Make sure to measure your heat bed's size before ordering! Staymag trims to fit easily, so we recommend ordering a slightly oversized magnet to aid in application.

For custom cutting, please contact us here.

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