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Staymag™ Staymag™ Staymag™

Closed through mid December for relocation! Staymag™ magnet orders are likely to open much sooner than mid December.

Staymag™ is a USA made, true 150 ºC rated, adhesive-backed magnet sheet that is intended to be adhered to your printer's heatbed. Our magnet material also offers the strongest magnetic pull strength while being thinner than competitors.

Pair with an Everflex™ flex plate for the ultimate 3D printing experience.

Don't be misled by competitors who falsely advertise 70 ºC refrigerator magnet material as being rated for 150 ºC without providing a datasheet!

Backed with genuine 3M acrylic adhesive.

~0.85mm thick, including adhesive.

Please make sure you select the proper size when ordering! The sizes listed are the physical dimensions of the magnet and may be larger than your printer's printable area.

By ordering, you confirm that you have read the documentation here.