Staymag™ 3D Printer Sheet – Sizes Reduced

$0.05 per cm²


Dimensions in whole mm

  • Min: 100Max: 130

  • Min: 100Max: 130

  • Min: 100Max: 130

    By selecting 'Yes', you understand that your billing and shipping address must be identical. Additionally, you confirm that you have measured your heatbed's overall dimensions. Staymag trims to fit easily, so we recommend ordering an oversized magnet to aid in installation. Staymag is a calendered raw material and may have cosmetic blemishes, however, this does not impede its abilities whatsoever.

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While supplies last! Our manufacturer wants to double our prices for the next batch of material, so we do not believe our customers would or should pay double to get the same product. We will no longer be offering Staymag, since we do not think this is fair for our customers. After years of offering the world’s best magnet system at a fair price, this was a very hard and sad decision for us to make in light of the current worldwide pandemic, supply and logistic issues.

Staymag is our aerospace-grade, USA made, 150 ºC rated, 3M adhesive-backed magnet sheet for your 3D printer’s heatbed. Staymag offers the strongest magnetic pull strength per unit of thickness; competitors have to offer thicker magnets to achieve a similar strength. Staymag was originally developed to be submerged in hot oil sumps to protect sensitive equipment from metal particulate damage.

Staymag Highlights

  • 0.85mm thin – enables faster heat-up times and reduces mass for printers with a moving heatbed compared to thicker, lower pull strength magnet sheets.
  • Uniform pull strength – covers the entire surface of your heatbed, unlike embedded magnets that create localized ‘hotspots’ of pull and interfere with uniform heating.
  • Designed to withstand the heat – true 150 ºC rating, unlike competitors who falsely advertise 70 ºC ‘fridge’ grade material without providing a datasheet. Staymag Datasheet here
  • Custom spec 3M LSE adhesive combines 468MP’s thermal properties with LSE’s incredible adhesion properties to a majority of low and high surface energy substrates.
  • Documentation/Instructions page here.

Circular shape pricing is the same as rectangular due to scrap losses.

Consider ordering an Everflex™ plate to have the finest spring-tempered flex plate to use with your Staymag sheet.

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