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Everflex™ Everflex™ Everflex™ Everflex™
Closed for vacation until September 2nd. Inventory is marked as unavailable/sold out to prevent a backlog. Rest assured that we have not actually sold out!
Textured PEI plate orders will open up in the near future as we prepare to move our base of operations cross-country.
Everflex™ is a 100% USA made spring temper flex plate that is available in two options:
  • Blank, uncoated plate with no build surface applied. We recommend this option if you want to experiment with other build surfaces, such as Garolite, Kapton, etc.
  • Double-sided, textured, powder coated PEI plate made with genuine Sabic Ultem™ Polyetherimide powder. We recommend this option if you want a hassle-free 3D printing experience and a textured finish on the first layer of your prints.

When a print completes and cools down to a safe temperature, simply take the plate off and flex either side of it to release the print with ease; there is no risk of injuring the part or yourself!

Pair with a Staymag™ magnet sheet for the ultimate 3D printing experience.

Blank plates are 0.5mm thick while textured, powder coated PEI plates are ~0.75mm thick.

Note for cartesian plates: the first dimension listed corresponds to the width of the plate and is referred to as the 'finger tab side' dimension by us. Example: the plate for the Railcore printer is 340mm wide and 325mm in 'depth', therefore the dimension that the finger tabs are located on is the 340mm side of the plate. The finger tab side should correspond to the front-facing view of your printer.

Please make sure you select the proper size when ordering! The sizes listed are the physical dimensions of the plate and may be larger than your printer's printable area. The finger tabs of the plate are 15mm in depth.

Click here for documentation.

Lead Times

Textured, powder coated PEI plates that are listed as in stock generally ship within one week since they are freshly coated on demand.