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Dimensions in whole mm

  • Min: 100Max: 580

  • Min: 100Max: 580

  • Min: 100Max: 580

    By selecting 'Yes', you confirm you have measured your heatbed's overall dimensions and understand the finger tab(s) depth is 15mm and located along the 'Width' dimension, and the 'Width' dimension should correspond to the user-facing side of your 3D printer. Plate corner radii are 5mm. Cut tolerances are ± 1mm and circular plates may have flat spots on the sides. We hope to improve the machine as time goes on. Everflex is a raw material and may have cosmetic scratches or blemishes from handling and processing, however, these do not impede its abilities whatsoever. Lastly, you confirm that you have read the documentation in addition to our shipping and returns policies.

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Everflex is our industry-leading, USA made, spring-tempered flex plate that uses our in-house fiber laser, allowing you to order any standard or custom plate for your 3D printing needs with a fast turnaround time (typically two business days).

Everflex Highlights

  • Exclusive Zinc-plated, spring-tempered, 1075 material
  • Rockwell HRC 44-47 hardness
  • Flat with no ‘oil canning/wavy’ internal stresses
  • 0.5mm thick with a thickness tolerance of ± 25.4µM
  • Better magnetic permeability and thermal characteristics than stainless steel

When a print job completes and cools down to a safe temperature, simply take the plate off and flex either side of it to release the printed part(s) with ease. The finger tab(s) also have a 4.5mm ø hole toward the leading edge that enable you to hang spare plates up to facilitate quick swapping and starting a new print job while a previous one cools down.

Finger tab(s) do not affect pricing, and circular shape pricing is the same as rectangular due to scrap losses.

Consider ordering a Staymag™ sheet to have the ideal amount of magnetic pull strength to use with your Everflex plate.

No timeframe for plates with printing surfaces included. We recommend buying a PEI ‘sticker’ from CSHyde.

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