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  • Min: 125Max: 580

  • Min: 125Max: 1200

  • Min: 125Max: 580

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Estimated date for blank plates production: Late Fall 2020. No date for plates with PEI included; we recommend to get a PEI sticker from CSHyde for the interim.

Everflex™ is the original and only USA made spring temper flex plate that takes advantage of our in-house, same-day, fiber laser cutting process.

Be sure to also order a Staymag™ magnet sheet so that you have the correct amount of holding force compared to other competitors.

When a print completes and cools down to a safe temperature, simply take the plate off and flex either side of it to release the print with ease; there is no risk of injuring the part or yourself!

Blank plates are 0.5mm thick.

Note for cartesian plates: the first dimension listed corresponds to the width of the plate and is referred to as the ‘finger tab side’ dimension by us. The finger tab side should correspond to the front-facing view of your printer.

Make sure to measure your heatbed’s size before ordering! The finger tabs of the plate are 15mm in depth.

Circular shape pricing is based on the size of square that will fit the circle.

For custom cutting, please contact us here.

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