802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2 for Unibody MacBook Pros – In stock!

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802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2 upgrade for the following Unibody MacBook Pros (non Retina):

  • 13″ – Early 2011 through Mid 2012 – Model A1278
  • 15″ – Mid 2010 through Mid 2012 – Model A1286
  • 17″ – Mid 2010 through Late 2011 – Model A1297

This upgrade unlocks faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds – up to 1300 Mbps⁺ with 3×3 MIMO capability, and Bluetooth 4.2.

Made in USA and installs easily.

Packaged in a hard, ESD-safe, foam-lined container.

Support for other computers and operating systems is neither documented nor guaranteed. Some users have reported success with Windows using Boot Camp.

⁺1300 Mbps was tested with laptop placed next to an AirPort Extreme model A1521.

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7 reviews for 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2 for Unibody MacBook Pros – In stock!

  1. mike-1312 (verified owner)

    Very easy to install on my mid-2012 non-retina MacBook Pro 15. 5 minutes? Loved that I didn’t have to deal with the original bracket—sent that whole assembly to recycling.

    Rebooted, everything just worked over Catalina including Internet Recovery.

    I know a few people who still use these old MBPs. Gonna tell ’em to get on the wait list.

  2. 032804230618 (verified owner)

    These are a fantastic upgrade for your 13″ or 15″ Unibody MacBook Pros. I have played with a few of these and installation is very simple.

    It works great with Catalina (The last officially supported, macOS release for Mid 2012 models), but if you want to try and install macOS Big Sur I am happy to report that as of this review Big Sur immediately recognizes these cards without any post installation patches needed for the module itself. Whether it is the extended range or speed, you WILL notice a dramatic improvement in your WiFi on your MacBook Pro.

    These cards will help extend the life of these reliable machines and if you search online you will soon find out that this works with Windows via a bootcamp installation. Be sure to download the files that are easily found via a google search and you will continue to enjoy the new card on Windows 10 and beyond in this machine long after Apple drops all support for Intel processors.

  3. drtidmore (verified owner)

    I installed this card in my mid 2012 15″ 2.3Ghz MBP with the intent on moving my MBP to macOS 11, Big Sur. This machine has had numerous upgrades over the years so one more was no big deal.

    As anticipated, the card fired right up in Catalina and I had full 802.11ac. I chose to use Bensova’s Patched-Sur to facilitate the move to macOS 11. The installation was smooth as silk. As was the case in Catalina, macOS 11.0.1 had no issues with the new WiFi card.

    Bluetooth was a bit rocky in macOS11.0.1 for everyone and I basically avoided depending on BT. BT would always fire up and run until the OS was coming out of sleep mode and then all bets were off. Once I updated to macOS 11.1, BT stabilized and I was once again able to depend on things like Continuity, watch wakeup, etc.

    I continue to be delighted with the Subtle Design’s WiFi card and have recommended it to several other mac users holding onto their mid 2012 MBPs (IMHO the best MBP Apple every designed).

    Thanks so much for giving us a way to continue enjoying our now orphaned MBPs for at least another year and hopefully longer.


  4. mike-1312 (verified owner)

    Update. I installed a second one on another 2012 MBP i7. This one had slow 802.11n Wifi and faulty BT. This upgrade went as well as the other. Thanks again!

    With new batteries, RAM and these upgraded Wifi/BT cards, there’s a lot of life left in these old machines.

  5. oram2697 (verified owner)

    I waited A LONG time for this amazing upgrade for my 2012 MBP i7. It’s WORTH IT! This wifi card is a MUST for upgrade economically alternative at affordable price and it easy to install!!

    4 operating systems on this laptop have no problems detecting this wifi card and it working under following: MacOS – Catalina and BigSur. WIndows – 10 & 11 without clean install potentially

    I’m happy with this product!!


  6. lightrack (verified owner)

    Finally I have got this card and installed it in my MacBook Pro 15″ mid 2012 (i7, 16Gb, two SSD: 128Gb and 4Tb (instead of DVD, in OWC Data Doubler))! Now I have super fast WiFi 802.11ac and an opportunity to unlock my mac with Apple Watch 🙂 This is really awesome!!!

    By the way, with Bensova’s Patched-Sur I updated from Catalina to Big Sur 11.5.2 without any problems, no kexts were required. Amazing! 🙂

  7. Benny Istanto (verified owner)

    It takes 7 days to arrive using DHL to IDN.
    Following the guideline, it’s very easy to install inside my old 2011 MBP 13″, disable the SIP, run the bash script, enable the SIP (this is not recommended as the guideline said, but I want the SIP is enabled). Check the handoff, still not working.

    Then sign out and in for the iCloud in both Mac and iPhone, then Voila!
    Everything is works.

    I just realised the airdrop in my Mac now recognise my iPhone 12.

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