’17-22 Super Duty Dead Pedal

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Finally, an actual dead pedal/footrest developed specifically for Ford Super Duty (Only fits 2017-2022 Ford Super Duty trucks).

High quality made in USA solution that is fully adjustable fore and aft as well as angle of the pedal. No drilling necessary! Installs easily in less than 20 minutes. Dead pedal doesn’t obstruct the travel of the parking brake. High traction grip tape comes pre-installed on the pedal.

Includes one dead pedal kit with hardware.

Ford and Super Duty are registered trademarks of the Ford Motor Company. Subtle Design has no affiliation with Ford or its partner companies.

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1 review for ’17-22 Super Duty Dead Pedal

  1. Colin Williams (verified owner)

    TLDR: It’s great and if you have any appreciation for dead pedals, you should get it.

    Installation took about 10 minutes. Instructions are clear, and it’s just generally logical.

    The pedal itself is incredibly adjustable. Up/down, forward/back, angle up/down. This may result in a prolonged amount of time adjusting it if you’re a perfectionist. I likely spent more time on adjustment than on the install, and will almost certainly fine tune it more as I find the perfect position.

    Once installed, it’s exactly what it says on the tin: a dead pedal. It’s rock solid and, impressively, stays out of the way of both the parking brake and service brake pedals.

    I’ve driven with it for about a half hour so far. Not a huge amount of time, but enough to get some solid first impressions. It’s been a while since I’ve driven a vehicle with a dead pedal and I didn’t realize just how much I missed it. I immediately noticed the support I get from the dead pedal.

    Just leaving my driveway and bouncing over the curb, I was immediately more stable in my seat as I pressed against the dead pedal. I often drive with only my left hand on the wheel, right arm resting on the center console. The result is if I go around a right corner, I was instinctively grabbing onto the center console to provide just a bit of support. Within 5 minutes with the dead pedal I’m not doing it anymore, instead using the dead pedal to gently stabilize myself.

    That wasn’t a long enough drive to really notice the better resting angle of my foot, but I’m confident that will be world’s better when I do some longer drives.

    It will take a bit to get used to having there when it comes to the parking brake. I like to “catch” the parking brake with my foot when releasing it, so it doesn’t slam upwards, and I found myself “catching” the dead pedal by mistake a few times. Not a big deal and I’ll get used to it.

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